Barbara Seglias

Maria Barbara Seglias (1867-1958) was my partner’s great-great-grandmother who lived in Domat/Ems, a small village in the region of Graubünden in Switzerland. She was part of the Romansh speaking minority in the region.

She married her husband Gion Gieri Seglias in 1886. The family was part of the Romansh-speaking minority of that region. Together they had 17 children (!), of which three died at a young age. Their children’s names are Johann Georg, Katharina, Margreth, Ursula, Babette, Rösli, Thomas, Alfons, Bianca, Mathilde, Wilhelm, Walter, Kasper, Arnold, Robert and Lydia. Most of her children were born just one-year apart. In total, Barbara was pregnant for almost 13 years of her life! The couple has 45 grandchildren.

The church bells of Domat/Ems still ring at a certain, very unusual hour each day. This is a remnant of a time, when women working in the fields, were reminded to come home and prepare the meals for their family.

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