Clara Möller-Coburg

Given that my last two entries focused on the topic of infectious disease and hygiene, I would like to stay with the zeitgeist and cast light on an undervalued artist, who sadly—as her death date indicates—fell victim to the influenza pandemic over 100 years ago: Clara Möller-Coburg (1869-1918).

Möller-Coburg was educated at the Damenakademie des Münchner Künstlerverein (the female branch of the Academy of Arts in Munich) in the 1890s and later worked for the prestigious Steglitzer Werkstatt in Berlin and taught at the Kunstgewerbe- und Handwerkschule in Magdeburg. Möller-Coburg is known for her idiosyncratic style inspired by children’s toys. This peacock-pattern colored paper made at the Steglitzer Werkstatt, however, is unusual in her oeuvre.

Sadly, Möller-Coburg died at the age of 49 from the (incorrectly named) Spanish Flu, leaving behind a body still largely obscure.

© Klingspor Museum Offenbach

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