First All-female Spacewalk

Monday, October 18th, 2019 marked the first all-female spacewalk led by Christina Koch & Jessica Meir. A few months ago, the planned mission had failed, since there was only one space suit available in size M.

For a long time, space suit design used the average male body (type and size) as a model, excluding smaller individuals. Nowadays, however, space suits, such as the recently presented new moon walk suits, also come in a smaller size.

In 1984, the soviet cosmonaut Swetlana Sawizkaj, was the first woman to perform a space walk. The US-American Peggy Whitson, however, holds the record with a total of ten walks. And here comes another sad Gender Gap space fact: thus far a mere 15 women have performed space walks, compared to 200 men. Percentage-wise this means a ratio of 7% women to 93% men.

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