Lotte Herrlich

This postcard dating from 1934 forms a rather obscured image of Lotte Herrlich’s (1883-1956) photographic oeuvre. This is due to the fact that, after the rise of Nazism, her work was regarded as “degenerate” and has since largely been forgotten.

Lotte Herrlich was one of the most important nude photographers of the 1920s. She started to take pictures after the birth of her child, teaching herself how to use this rather new medium. Her most touching work is a collection of 30 nude and nature images of her son Rolf, which portrays his journey from childhood into adulthood. With this pioneering book, she managed to photographically capture physical growth and development as rarely seen before.

After 1933 however, things took a dark turn for Lotte Herrlich, as her images were regarded as pornographic, sometimes even pedophilic. In this way, history forcibly reduced such talent into the role of a children’s portrait and (stuffed) animal photographer, whose work was mostly to be shared through trite greeting cards and birthday wishes.

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